Is Business Ownership for Me?

Parnell has had great success with business ownership. He’s built two companies from scratch – both with successful exits. His first company, Emerge, grew to nearly 100 people with offices on both the East and West Coast and billings into eight figures. His second company, Adaptive, was recently sold into a multi-national SaaS organization to help them address systemic reporting and analytic challenges of their platforms. Parnell has also worked in ‘Corporate America’ climbing as high as a Senior Vice President within a multinational spirits company. He’s also been a multi-unit franchise owner. With his initial franchise being the fastest growing location the system had ever seen (at that time). And over the past 10 + years, Parnell has worked closely with hundreds of franchisors around the globe helping them make their systems and businesses stronger.

Parnell understands the challenges that go with starting and running a successful small business. He’s seen them. He’s faced them. His first company, he started in the back of his small Manhattan apartment, with less than $10,000 in the bank.

Now, Parnell joins a team of nearly 150 coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source, a nationally recognized small business resource helping entrepreneurs for nearly 40 years.

Come join us as we explore the ins/outs of business ownership and taking control of your Career, Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals!

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